Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finish line set! Now for the mad scramble

Weeks, no months ago, I wrote about the "whirlwind that is called finishing your thesis". It has been very quiet here, and now you know why.

Good news is that I did finish one manuscript. It is now on the desk of my professor who is of course tearing it apart again... Still, I do not despair, since the date for my graduation ceremony is set at the end of May (yes, ceremony. PhD-getting in The Netherlands is a piece of theater for the whole family to enjoy!). There's only two more chapters to finish, which will be done (no, really urgently need to be done) in two months or so. To complicate things a little bit I got sick this weekend, which caused me not to work for two days. A complete disaster when on a tight schedule I might say.

So, my dear readers, now you know why I am so quiet lately. I hope to pick up blogging on interesting stuff again when my thesis has left my desk.

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